Customer Reviews

Since we pride ourselves on providing the very best hearing health care in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area, our patients are more than happy to leave 5 star reviews about the quality of the audiological services we provide. These services include microsuction ear wax removal, free hearing tests, the latest wireless digital hearing aids and excellent aftercare services. Patients are extremely happy about the free independent professional advice they receive and the friendly helpful nature of the staff at the 2020 Hearing Centre.

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Latest Customer Reviews:

Rosetta Liburd
Rosetta L.
17:13 10 Mar 20
Excellent service and expert consultation. Very skillful and pain free experience. Thank you Chris.
lewis georgeson
lewis G.
12:32 07 Mar 20
Was let down by specsavers on the day and was fitted in by 2020. Gave great advice to loosen old wax and fitted me in last minute for ear wax removal. Amazing service from the beginning.
john wharton
john W.
17:26 06 Mar 20
Great Service, I had blocked ears due to a build up of wax, Chris was great and performed micro suction and sorted the problem for me, thanks Chris I will be using you again.
Jason Sanderson
Jason S.
17:05 26 Feb 20
As an ex infantry soldier I have suffered with hearing issues for over 20 years, I have tried various aids and on this occasion I went with 20/20. Chris is an expert in this field advising and assisting myself in my new aids. 20/20 are the ultimate service and throughout my journey Chris was superb would recommend 20/20 for all heating aids and advise on any hearing related issues.
Tracey Q
Tracey Q
21:21 21 Feb 20
Since my 3 year old has been having increasing problems with painful ears, reduced hearing and wax buildup I decided to get her seen privately as we've been to the GP 3 times with nothing useful coming of it. Eventually I insisted on a referral but who knows when the appointment will come through. The team at 2020 were really friendly, totally putting her at ease and communicating well with her, and the service we received was excellent. Clear, practical helpful explanations and advice. Since our visit I've felt so much more at ease and we've been able to put the advice to use and have seen a marked improvement. Thank you!
Erica Collier
Erica C.
10:34 17 Feb 20
I took my friend to 2020 Hearing for ear wax removal although he is also very hard of hearing but has had previous poor experience with hearing aids. I felt his deafness was affecting his quality of life. Chris fitted him with hearing aids on a one month free trial. They were amazing and gave my friend the opportunity to try them without any pressure to buy.Needless to say he now has a pair of hearing aids from 2020 Hearing and is very happy.
Al Marjoram
Al M.
12:41 11 Feb 20
I visited 2020 Hearing due to a blocked ear. I'd tried ear drops, but they hadn't helped and the blocked sensation + tinnitus was incredibly frustrating. 2020 Hearing solved the problem for me as quickly as possible, Chris took great lengths to explain the situation, the process involved in treatment and gave advice as to how to prevent it from happening again in the future. Both Chris and the front-desk staff were very friendly and welcoming, I'd definitely recommend 2020 for anyone who is having issues with their ears.
Lydia Toumazou
Lydia T.
06:20 07 Feb 20
Wonderful , warm and caring service. Extremely professional and a very special family feel to the practice. Chris and Abigail and the team are set apart and I highly recommend their clinic and 5*service.
Tom Pater
Tom P.
14:24 04 Feb 20
Michael Crook
Michael C.
14:31 13 Jan 20
Woke with a blocked ear and couldn't face the weeks of waiting for a GP's appointment to remove the wax. Booked a same day appointment with Chris at 2020 Hearing - wax removed in a matter of minutes with no discomfort or hassle. The best £40.00 I have ever spent !!
Gaz Del-30
Gaz D.
00:18 04 Jan 20
Amazing results! Chris knows exactly what he's doing. I had a very bad ear wax blockage which had built up for a number of years and was stuck to my ear drum. Chris was very professional at handling such a delicate situation with me having had ear drum surgery as a young child. I'm super cautious about my hearing as you can imagine, especially with music production and DJ-ing being my number one hobby and main source of income so it was vital I got the right man for this job! Chris was and is 100% that guy! I wouldn't visit anyone else regarding my hearing now! Highly recommended!
George Robson
George R.
13:26 20 Dec 19
Went to see Chris and his team for my Ear Moulds taking. Very easy and efficient process from booking my appointment to having the impressions taken. Chris was very useful and helpful during the process.All round professional service. Highly recommend.
Zade Tuaima
Zade T.
17:09 11 Dec 19
The best audiologist/microsuction experience I've ever had after 4 years of NHS/private practices, Chris was able to guide me and give me expert advice on how to prevent ear blockages and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. Would highly recommend to anyone needing microsuction in Leeds.
michael burrow
michael B.
17:39 04 Dec 19
Excellent service, very informative and pleasant with it .Definitely recommend 2020 Hearing
Peter Dickinson
Peter D.
09:15 04 Dec 19
Rebecca Houston
Rebecca H.
18:27 19 Nov 19
Fantastic experience all round with 2020 hearing. After suffering for months with reduced hearing and no success after visiting Specsavers (twice!) and my local GP, 2020 hearing really cared and understood how awful this was making me feel, especially working as a teacher. The customer service is phenomenal all round, I even managed to get a later appointment to ensure my problem got seen to as soon as possible. Excellent advice given and couldn't believe it when I could finally hear properly again. Can't thank the team enough and would recommend 2020 to anyone having trouble with ear wax build up! Thank you!
Alan Morrison
Alan M.
14:35 13 Nov 19
Excellent and friendly service. Sorted my ear wax problems in one visit. Don’t use anything from the internet to clear wax. I did and only compacted it on to the ear drum.
Lucy Charnick
Lucy C.
12:31 09 Nov 19
I have been going to 2020 Hearing for a few years now and I highly recommend it. Chris is very experienced and always provides a friendly service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Tevfik Can K.
10:57 09 Nov 19
Kenneth Priestley
Kenneth P.
19:54 06 Nov 19
Went to 2020 hearing via the Hearing help for Vetrans. I have worn aids for about 30 years now from a number of private shops and have always never quite got what I needed UNTIL going to 2020. Great bunch of people who know what is needed to help you get back to hearing well again. I asked for inside the ear hearing aids and was advised on what was suitable and available for my type of hearing loss, I went with the recommendation made by Chris the audiologist and I am so happy I did, I no longer live in a near silent world when out and about, I can hear traffic coming when i'm out walking and or cycling. I can't thank the team at 2020 enough 10/10. There is a slight downside in that I can no longer let the wife think I can't hear her LOL. THANK YOU ALL AT 2020
16:26 31 Oct 19
Chris is a total professional with costumer care is highest priority. I’ve visited Chris on numerous occasions and Chris or his staff are always pleased to help in any way. I can not recommend 2020 Hearing enough. (He was recommended by Veterans Hearing Uk with good reason)
Russell Wilson
Russell W.
16:04 31 Oct 19
Prompt, friendly, efficient and professional serviceHighly recommended
Geraldine Mclaughlin
Geraldine M.
15:22 26 Oct 19
excellent... i felt i was in good hands right from the start, professional service yet so friendly, thank you so much chris... very happy. would recommend
M Howarth
M H.
11:05 03 Oct 19
Fantastic customer service and patient care from Chris and his team. I was able to get an appointment quickly. At my first session, Chris patiently and thoroughly explained the procedure to unblock my ear and gave follow up advice for the next session as my ear was so badly blocked. At the next session the blockage was cleared in minutes. Chris also recommended after care to look after my ears in the future. If your ears feel blocked, don't delay - call 2020 Hearing today! I will be recommending to family and friends. Many thanks to Chris and the team.
Sophie Ashton
Sophie A.
12:34 02 Oct 19
Highly recommend if you’re struggling with ear wax!! So so happy to be hearing normally again after a couple microsuction sessions! Chris is the nicest man too and really helpful - cant thank him enough 🙂
Stephen Lock
Stephen L.
14:07 01 Oct 19
Good experience and good advice
11:37 21 Sep 19
Great service, very helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone having trouble with their ear wax.
George Claydon
George C.
16:57 20 Sep 19
Brilliant! Receptionists were lovely and welcoming, Chris was very thorough and made sure I had the best experience possible while someone removes a worrying amount of wax from your ears!😂 would recommend
Siobhan Gaines
Siobhan G.
18:37 09 Sep 19
Chris was excellent at his job very knowledgeable helped me all the way through. He and his staff could not do enough for me.BIG THANKS.
Sammy Stead
Sammy S.
07:31 28 Aug 19
Chris is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable straight away, he's a man who knows his stuff and gave me great advice, any future issues I wouldn't hesitate to return thank you 😊
13:45 25 Aug 19
Chris made me feel at ease, diagnosed my problem and I feel more confident and happy with my new hearing aids. Very professional, I can highly recommend him, thank you.
Omar Khan
Omar K.
11:48 24 Aug 19
I had lost my hearing in one ear could not wait for my doctors as there no appointments chris from 2020 helped me so much he made my day would deffinatly recommend this place to anybody who is having any ear problems!!
John Marshall
John M.
19:34 05 Aug 19
Following a recommendation we attended an appointment for a free hearing test on Saturday morning. From the moment we entered we were made to feel at ease and this continued throughout the hour long consultation. We found the Rev Chris Scire to be both warm and caring and a good listener. We have come away with good advice and a better understanding. If we need any further advice or treatment we will have no hesitation in returning to see him in the future. We can't recommend him highly enough.
Ed Cornick
Ed C.
12:36 18 Jul 19
Great, friendly service.
Thomas Flynn
Thomas F.
10:50 03 Jul 19
Absolutely amazing, great service, lovely people and really helpful
Beverley Earnshaw
Beverley E.
19:08 21 Jun 19
This place is great, Chris was so kind and explained everything to my mum in law thank you very much
Stuart Lines
Stuart L.
15:38 18 Jun 19
As a regular visit to the docs to get my ears cleared, I thought it was time to try something else. Much quicker to get an appointment and the vacuum process is a lot less stressful that the warm water method. Pity I did not find 2020 sooner!
Ellie Maxwell
Ellie M.
13:35 28 May 19
Excellent. Highly recommended.
Kevin Holburt
Kevin H.
13:32 13 May 19
Have had ear wax removed by a nurse at my doctors 3 or 4 times through out my life, I phoned my doctors in March this year only to be told I would have to see the doctor first,and an appointment will take up to 3 weeks.So I decided to go private,I visited 2020 hearing and saw Chris who said he was quiet and saw me straight away.Advised me to use drops for a week and come see him the following week.He used the microsuction and cleared one ear but the other ear had a lot more wax and was very old and had not been removed by the nurse properly.After 4 visits with Chris my ear is now clear,feels a bit weird but can hear a lot better now thanks to Chris.Would definitely recommend Chris for any one with hearing problems,good advice,friendly approach and professional advice.Will be using Chris for check ups in the future.Thank you Chris 😁
Ivan Serna
Ivan S.
19:36 02 May 19
A week ago after failing to get an appointment at our so called doctors I phoned the clinic and Chris was able to see me the same day. Yesterday I went for my second visit and to my extreme delight I can hear properly again. I am 62 and I never had wax removed, ever! Can't thank Chris enough for solving my problem and providing me with advice. I will be going back for check ups.
John Egglestone
John E.
14:55 18 Apr 19
Great service great experience all round 👍
Andrea Hodgson
Andrea H.
16:29 12 Apr 19
Having suffered mediocre and ill-fitting high street hearing aids I searched for an independent provider. I am delighted with the new in the ear aids fitted by Chris which have normalised telephone use and also connect instantly to my iphone. Highly recommended for a friendly and professional service.
Diane Boland
Diane B.
11:36 11 Apr 19
Absolutely fantastic service, so far when another high street messed up big time called in on off chance, appointment booked and hopefully sorted for my son.. thank after my son had hearing test all good BTW. needed a report for the MOD Med Team, spoke to Chris who said would get the report sent as soon as he could. i think within an hour was emailed to me. VERY good service Very friendly. highly recommend. thanks again. 🙂
Alex Grayson
Alex G.
16:40 08 Apr 19
With being a full time DJ, I am exposed to sound pollution on a regular basis. It got to a point where I'd had a build up of wax and it had secured itself over my ear drum, making it sound like I had a finger in my ear permanently. I gave 2020 a call and spoke to Chris, who absolutely knows his stuff! Booked me in, took a look, sent me away for a week to soften the wax with drops, then upon my return, used the microsuction to get it all out - best feeling ever!! Absolutely painless too. Highly recommend and will return if it happens again.
Karen Kitchener
Karen K.
08:50 05 Apr 19
Excellent service from Chris who explained what the problem was and how to treat it. Very useful information on how to avoid future problems. The microsuction process is pain free, Chris is a skilled practitioner. Having access to flexible appointments in terms of time and location is fantastic.
Richard Ackroyd
Richard A.
17:51 01 Apr 19
Great service from Chris at 2020 Hearing, I had badly compacted hard wax in one ear which he removed without discomfort, I found him very professional and friendly and offered me some valuable advice regarding the future care of my ears. Highly recommended Service!
Bridget Dickinson
Bridget D.
14:19 01 Apr 19
I recently visited Chris for the second time and once again received the highest quality treatment and advice.He explains procedures professionally and clearly and his warm, friendly manner immediately puts you at ease. I will definitely be returning in the future!
Bill Jakeman
Bill J.
12:32 01 Apr 19
Wonderful, professional service! Would happily recommend to everyone
Andrew Murphy
Andrew M.
07:37 01 Apr 19
I can hear again! Great service, would definatley recommend.
00:17 24 Mar 19
Chris was very responsive, I was able to book an appointment in a couple of days and he diagnosed my problem without undertaking unnecessary work.
Philip Mitchell
Philip M.
17:06 22 Mar 19
Excellent service as usual. Chris is always the ultimate professional and takes great care. Perfect hearing once again. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you.
Beverley Bartlett
Beverley B.
10:21 14 Mar 19
I Have lost count of the number of times Chris has restored my hearing by removing the wax.. He is very professional and makes you feel vey much at ease. I would highly recommend Chris and woulnd not hesitate to make an appointment.
Andrew S.
13:56 01 Mar 19
I took my Mum to see Chris, as she was almost completely deaf due to compacted ear wax and she couldn't get a doctors appointment for over 2 weeks! I cannot recommend him highly enough, as he was so gentle and thorough and explained everything clearly. He sorted out my Mum's problem and gave her invaluable advise for caring for her ears and hearing aids. Plus he gave my sister career's advise about becoming an audiologist !! We will definately be going back...if needed.
Peter Wilson
Peter W.
08:23 26 Feb 19
Excellent service as usual from Chris - would not hesitate to recommend.
Mark Russell
Mark R.
10:50 23 Feb 19
Brilliant service, booked me in the morning after I phoned and my problem was resolved in no time. Very kind and caring man with a very friendly receptionist.
John Pearce
John P.
15:49 22 Feb 19
Fabulous service and hearing fully restored. So much better than any alternative. Fifth visit and couldn’t be more pleased!
Cheryl Elsom
Cheryl E.
19:41 21 Feb 19
Absolutely fantastic service. Lengthy wait to have my ears unblocked on the NHS. The Audiologist saw me straight away. He was warm and friendly and made me feel relaxed in a comfortable setting. I will definitely recommend.
John Banks
John B.
17:16 19 Feb 19
Very friendly and efficient
Robert Lovatt
Robert L.
14:06 19 Feb 19
So good to find someone who not only sorts your hearing problem but gives you advice on how to keep your ears clear in the future.
Bob Williams
Bob W.
14:01 19 Feb 19
A great service and advice
edward knox
edward K.
10:35 19 Feb 19
Great practice and all round experience. Chris showed great professionalism and care throughout. He also educated me as to how to care for my ears. Procedure is pain free and quick and at a great price. Thanks all at 2020 hearing.
Josephine Dominic
Josephine D.
11:02 17 Feb 19
Excellent service and friendly approach. Chris explained everything very clearly. I would like to thanks Chris.
Beep Taxi
Beep T.
14:00 14 Feb 19
Excellent service. Very experienced and sorted my hearing out immediately.
09:57 03 Feb 19
Chris has looked after my ears now for a couple of years. I was having trouble with wax in my right ear. I texted Chris yesterday at 8.30 to ask for an appointment - by 10.15 I was in Chris’s shop, and by 10.30, ear wax removed- all is good again. You just can’t beat that for service........ thanks Chris.
Paige Harrowerx
Paige H.
16:27 28 Jan 19
Fantastic treatment. Sorted my daughter's ear within a few hours of enquiring. I wish I'd known about this place sooner. We Received really good advice to prevent future issues would definitely recommend
Peter Sellers
Peter S.
12:37 27 Jan 19
Bought my first hearing aid at 72 year of age from Chris at 2020 Hearing Ltd. I had been thinking of having a hearing test for some time , as the family where getting fed of me saying“ what did you say , pardon, sorry can’t hear you “ etc. So I searched the internet to see what hearing specialists I could find . Didn’t really want to go to a large chain store wanted something more personal. Found 2020 Hearing Ltd. booked an appointment over the phone with Chris very easy and an appointment with a few days .Chris and his receptionist were very welcoming and friendly. Chris carried out the test explaining everything as he went. He showed me the different hearing aid options withoutany sales pressure . I chose my hearing aids , Chris contacted me very soon after to say my hearing aids had arrived, so went to have them fitted and checked . “Wow”,you loose your hearing slowly and don’t realise what you are not hearing . Not anymore they are amazing.I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris , 2020 Vision Ltd. for any hearing issues In fact if Carlsberg sold hearing aids they probably would not be as good.Peter Sellers
Agnieszka Wos
Agnieszka W.
23:17 24 Jan 19
Very friendly, efficient and hassle free
James Watts
James W.
15:36 16 Jan 19
Very professional and great service all round.
12:56 11 Jan 19
Woke up deaf in one ear after stupidly putting a cotton bud in my ear. I need my hearing for work so needed an same day appointment which was no trouble at all. Went in and got fixed, and even had my other ear cleaned out at no extra cost (a special offer they had on). Was in and out in 15 minutes with perfect hearing. Can’t recommend 2020 enough! Thanks again!
Maria Heraghty
Maria H.
18:11 10 Jan 19
I cannot recommend 2020 Hearing enough. Skilled personnel and always reliable - we have been using their services for years now and have always been able to get an appointment, even at short notice - with friendly and personable staff that make you feel completely at ease. I would highly recommend their services to anyone concerned about or having trouble with their hearing.
adrian mccluskey
adrian M.
12:50 19 Dec 18
Just popped in to query about having ears syringed. Receptionist lovely as was the audiologist. He asked for a quick look in both ears and advised there was no wax. Suggested a different treatment for my ears. great service and totally recommend.
Richard Sykes
Richard S.
12:37 08 Dec 18
Great friendly service and very professional
Abdulbaset Abdella
Abdulbaset A.
10:33 08 Dec 18
Honest friendly professional service.Highly recommended.Best place to go.
Michael Price
Michael P.
05:06 24 Nov 18
I have worn NHS Hearing aids since 1991 not the best you can get, I saw Chris in Nov 2017 It would appear after numerous visits to Hospital and Dr,s surgery for wax cleaning they never did a good job because I had wax compacted in both ears After a good few visits with Chris he cleared the lot and I now have a good set off Hearing Aid,s. Chris is a very knowledgeable man a comedian and puts you at ease straight away. I highly recommend him if you have concerns over your hearing,.went again last week and has special offer on for wax removal now, cost £40 instead of £70.
Leonard Forbes
Leonard F.
19:40 23 Nov 18
three words; polite,😊 friendly and efficient
FDC Scotland
10:26 19 Nov 18
To be fair this is a long time in coming. . . . . so my apologises to Chris.I am 51 years of age and work for myself delivering furniture in Scotland,so i spend a lot of time out on the road. I noticed I was having hearing issues about 2 years ago,nothing major but a slow deterioration.I realised I had to do something about it as I was no longer joining in conversations around me as I couldn't hear what people were saying for a large percentage of the time.Or I found myself saying "What?" "Eh?" "Can you say that again" time after time.So December 29th 2017 after struggling to hold a conversation with my father-in-law in a very quiet lounge setting,i got on my laptop and looked for a " Hearing Clinic". I rang 3 trying for an immediate appointment before I spoke to Chris at 2020 Hearing. He managed to squeeze me in between clients for a quick look in my ears etc. I had to travel to Leeds from Bradford but didn't mind as I hoped my hearing issue would be resolved finally.I got there and met Chris , who is a very friendly,courteous and professional individual. He asked me what the issues of my hearing were, my past work history, lifestyle etc etc. and also explained the procedure to test my hearing. He examined my ears then gave me the news I DIDN'T want to hear. "Your ears are really clean ,no blockages or wax build up" Yes you guessed it, "Unfortunately you have hearing loss" gutted !We then booked an appointment for a full scale hearing test to determine the extent of my hearing loss. I found I am mild to moderate in my right ear and moderate in my left ear. So yes both my ears were suffering hearing loss. He also thinks this was possibly caused by previous industrial employment.We spoke about hearing aids as this was the ONLY solution to my problem.The nature of my job is customer service as well as delivering furniture,and I am on the phone quite a lot as I also work from home. I didn't want hearing aids as my vanity fought against it. Hearing aids are for OLD people not ME !!!! But in the end I decided I needed my hearing more then I needed to look good.So I ended up splitting the difference and bought some, 'In The Ear' hearing aids. Those are the ones that you can't see from the front and are colour coded from the side so they are not as obvious.I also asked for bluetooth so I can be hands free and still receive/make calls without touching my phone, I can also listen to music through them whilst I am driving and my son is asleep.Conclusion:I don't want to wear hearing aids, but they are now a necessity and they have brought sounds back to me that I hadn't realised I had lost ,like birds singing,music sounded better as I could hear all the instruments that I couldn't before etc etc. I can hear everything going on around me as I used to before my hearing loss. They are a pain as they require time and effort to keep them maintained and clean etc and they take some adjusting to. . . . . but the end result is worth it, I can BE part of the people and life around me without having to ask people to repeat themselves anymore or talk louder.So I want to take this moment to thank Chris (and his son Tim) for all their help in getting me back to normal hearing wise, and I would recommend their service's if you have hearing issues.I know I will be using Hearing 2020 services for the rest of my life ClemFDC Scotland
Andy Limbert
Andy L.
16:39 18 Nov 18
Warren Myers
Warren M.
10:56 18 Nov 18
Very good service very friendly family company. Had to have a few visits due to the hardness of the wax. Chris explained the process in layman’s terms. Very handy for me to get it done during Saturdays too.
Shahid Hussain
Shahid H.
15:06 12 Nov 18
Very honest professional friendly service was a pleasure
William Lok
William L.
11:22 10 Nov 18
Great consultation, Robert gave me all the necessary steps to help with my hearing and cleared it all out. Great receptionist too
Julie Collings
Julie C.
16:35 09 Nov 18
Brilliant service. Everything explained. Sorted out the wax build up in my ear. Gave lots of advice on how to prevent this in the future. Will definitely return for any further issues and definitely recommend.
Tim Thompson
Tim T.
12:56 20 Oct 18
My GP said I had glue ear and to wait 12 months. Things kept getting worse with my hearing to the point I was feeling dizzy. I went back and they said to put olive oil in my ears and come back in 6 weeks if that didn't work. After two days of trying the olive oil I went completely deaf in one ear and could hear very little with the other. As it was affecting my job I searched for a specialist and found 2020 hearing...Chris was incredibly helpful and booked me an emergency appointment. In the space of ten minutes the worst ear was totally fine and a follow on appointment sorted the other one. Highly recommended...months of problems sorted on 20 minutes!
John Longbottom
John L.
12:42 20 Oct 18
Friendly and very efficient. Chris is extremely friendly and answers all your questions should you have any concerns or require advice.I highly recommend his services.
Alastair Hind
Alastair H.
19:42 14 Oct 18
Highly recommended! Very good & quick service with a very careful, accurate & more comfortable job done! Thanks very much! Alastair
helena rusznyakova
helena R.
16:05 29 Sep 18
Absolutely fantastic service. I will never ever go anywhere else. Very friendly approach, proffesional advice.
Mariam Patel
Mariam P.
14:54 28 Sep 18
Excellent service!
Alan Edwards
Alan E.
19:34 22 Sep 18
I had been having ear trouble for the past few months and finally turned to 2020 Hearing. I wish I had done it sooner as my ears are now wax free and I can hear properly again. Excellent service, thank you Dr.
Robert Parker
Robert P.
18:45 17 Sep 18
Great guy. I was extremely grateful for a speedy appointment. Talking on the phone to Chris I had a lot of confidence in him. On arrival he explained everything in clear non medical terms and then got to work. Very efficient and professional. Highly recommended. Many thanks.
Sharon Corban
Sharon C.
20:52 13 Sep 18
From the moment I entered 20/20 hearing I felt calm and relaxed as I was greeted with a lovely receptionist who made me feel totally at ease with her lovely smile. Relaxing background music ‘Numerous Thank-you cards on the wall- and spotlessly clean made me feel re-assured.. The hearing specialist chatted to me in a very calming manner and explained the procedure in detail.The sensation of the micro/blast was Not uncomfortable or painful at all just a slight sensation of the ear canal being cleaned. It was so fabulous to be able to ‘hear’ again when the impacted wax was removed.I would highly recommend 20/20 hearing to ‘anyone’ having problems with their ears. I honestly would not go any where else.With gratitude Sharon Corban
Liz Durrans
Liz D.
20:41 04 Sep 18
Chris helped me out at very short notice, he is extremely knowledgeable & passionate about his job.Fantastic service and advice. I would highly recommend.
Liam Stevenson
Liam S.
15:07 04 Sep 18
Paul Miller
Paul M.
21:39 29 Aug 18
Definitely recommend 2020 Hearing - great treatment for my hearing problems. Safe, friendly and most of all effective.
Katie Cao
Katie C.
07:18 24 Aug 18
Great thanks to Chris for waiting and clearing my ear up. Thank God I was able to get an apt instantly definitely a place to go sort a loaded ear, pop in and out quick fix. I can hear again yay!!!
21:00 14 Aug 18
Absolutely amazing service! Had horrible ear wax built up and was able to get me in the same day that I rang! Didn’t take long at all and completely painless. Would definitely recommend to anyone suffering from built up ear wax.
nigel archer
nigel A.
21:33 09 Aug 18
Very impressed !! I had a build up of wax in one of my ears over a period of time and opted to have it removed the best 50 pounds I have ever spent, I can now hear again wish id gone months ago.The whole process was explained to me in a professional but friendly manner and have no hesitation in recommending 2020 Hearing to anyone suffering with any form of hearing loss.
aqeeb mohmood
aqeeb M.
16:32 08 Aug 18
What a wonderful and helpfull gentleman he is my ear felt really blocked and he gave me some option for me to choose from, he had removed a lot of wax from my ear and it was harmless and relaxing would recommend hoing here
Matt Hines
Matt H.
14:42 08 Aug 18
This is the guy you want to use !! My hearing is totally clear now
Andrew Emmett
Andrew E.
13:19 07 Aug 18
Third time I've visited at very short notice. Chris is a true professional, always accommodating, and good value. Will be visiting regularly from now on.
Johanna Hilton
Johanna H.
09:55 07 Aug 18
Very professional and would recommend Chris to anyone.
Ken Priestley
Ken P.
15:15 06 Aug 18
I have worn aids for 30+ years and I have just had a wax removal and a hearing test (had lots over the years) at 2020 and for the first time ever the audiologist told me that it was clarity that I was struggling with, how I wish I had come here all those years ago. For so long now I have had to second guess certain words in mid conversation because of my type of hearing loss. I am now looking forward to having some new aids supplied that will give me better clarity whilst listening to others.
Craig Mitchell
Craig M.
15:42 01 Aug 18
Fantastic same day service ! Phoned with a blocked ear and 2020 had me sorted in no time Would highly recommend ! Thank you
Kevin Ormerod
Kevin O.
18:50 29 Jun 18
Absolutely fantastic. Very friendly staff very welcoming they put me at ease right away .Chris had a good look at my ears .I'm having a problem with tinnitus which my doctor said was wax in my ear.he showed me a diagram of how the ears worked and most likely cause of my problem.chris wouldn't accept payment as no treatment given.but I have the satisfaction of knowing my ears are wax free.thank you Chris and staff.kevin
Valerie Robertson
Valerie R.
17:56 29 Jun 18
Great experience, went in deaf in one ear and came out a short while later ear cleared. Professional and courteous Chris explained everything I needed to do to maintain ear health. Well worth it. Thanks.
Lisa North
Lisa N.
13:42 29 Jun 18
I developed a ringing in my ear so visited my doctor. Upon examination the doctor couldn’t see my eardrum because of wax, he advised me to use drops and get my ears shringed (a service my surgery no longer provides) . I knew about Chris as my mum had her earwax successfully removed by him some time ago. When I arrived for my appointment Chris examined my ears, no wax! the drops alone had removed it. My ringing ear still remained I was given some some good advice to take away with me and no charge for My appointment time.Chris could have carried out the procedure and charged me I would have been none the wiser. Thanks for your honesty.
Darren Nevins
Darren N.
15:10 26 Jun 18
Absolutely fantastic service really happy with my hearing aids
E-hose Sales
E-hose S.
19:38 23 Jun 18
Very easy to arrange, great efficient service!
Alan Carter
Alan C.
18:33 21 Jun 18
I came to Leeds on a family visit from New Zealand and recently had to find a replacement ear mould very quickly. Chris Scire pulled out all the stops and provided me with a new perfectly fitted mould having responded to my emergency situation quicker than I could possibly have hoped for.The service and help I got was right out of the top drawer.My only regret is that 2020 Hearing is so far away from where I live.Any one with hearing problems should take advantage of a quality provider in West Yorkshire..
Tony Walsh
Tony W.
09:27 18 Jun 18
I was looking for honest independent advice and that's what I got from Chris. I am delighted with the hearing aids he recommended, supplied and fitted. Excellent service.
James Carter
James C.
06:46 14 Jun 18
Top man and a great, professional, friendly service.
Hannah Alexander
Hannah A.
11:14 12 Jun 18
Unbelievable!! Phoned in the morning got an appointment for just 2 hours time! My ear had been blocked for around 3 weeks I had loss of hearing and ear ache. All gone within 10 minutes instead of waiting a month for my nhs appointment. Lovely man, friendly and welcoming!!
Damian L
Damian L
15:52 11 Jun 18
Great service, kind people, worked out well! I had a partial hearing loss because of wax which had me quite worried and uncomfortable. Chris sorted me out and knew just what to do - thanks!
Barbara Brook
Barbara B.
16:58 04 Jun 18
Oh behalf of my mum. A massive thank you to chris for his excellent kind and professional service. Thoroughly recommend Chris at 2020. He cleared mum's ear and rid her of pain after a traumatic experience at her health centre. Lovely friendly receptionist too.
Petrik Coman
Petrik C.
16:23 30 May 18
Very professional , highly recommending
15:51 30 May 18
Chris is a warm and kind guy who immediately put me at ease. Several years worth of wax had become jammed in one of my ears and whilst not the most pleasant experience, microsuction is clearly far less traumatic than syringing. No problem with the prices and the free checkups are a huge bonus. Highly recommended and worth travelling from the other side of Leeds for. The only negative is that I didn't get to see all the offending wax - unlike a good syringing where you can stare morbidly into the bowl afterwards 😜
Christopher Simmons
Christopher S.
20:23 23 May 18
Had had a blocked ear for a short while and whilst traveling for work it became irritating. Was seen the same day as the call and blockage removed. Great service and lots of good advice.
22:19 19 May 18
Absolutely wonderful service I’d recommend 2020 Hearing to anyone. My ear was completely blocked and I’d tried lots of other places but no one could see me without at least a weeks wait. Luckily though Chris at 2020 had sorted things for me within an hour of me calling him – on a Saturday as well! I’m really impressed with the service provided and would definitely use them again.
Brad Entwistle
Brad E.
11:58 19 May 18
Great experience, very quick - in and out in 25 minutes, professional service and great price I think! Very flexible with my appointment and very friendly guy!
Laura Morris
Laura M.
16:42 10 May 18
Highly recommend, sorted out my completely blocked ear and my hearing is totally sorted 😀
harvey thompson
harvey T.
15:29 10 May 18
Fantastic and friendly service. They helped me out with my treatment and made the experience easy and painless. Would highly recommend to all!
Suzie Graham
Suzie G.
15:52 30 Apr 18
Thank you so much, it is unbelievable how many problems impacted earwax can cause. It is the first time in many years that I can actually hear again.Chris is a gentleman, kind, empathetic, sympathetic and extremely knowledgeable on all things ear related. I would highly recommend.
Graham Dickinson
Graham D.
10:24 29 Apr 18
Professional Service, very thorough, good advice and no waiting list!Many thanksOnce again very appreciative of treatment and advice from Chris at 20 20 Hearing. Highly recommended!
Vicki Allen
Vicki A.
16:22 18 Apr 18
Thank you so much. I was able to be seen on the same day for my Microsuction. I’ve had this twice before elsewhere, paid £390 at the Spire the first time, went on the NHS second time and had to go to Pontefract to get seen quickly. For £50 and a local, friendly same day service, this is excellent. Many thanks.
17:29 17 Apr 18
The owner Chris is driven only by customer satisfaction. He stayed late for me as i was flying the next morning. Gave me good advice and my ears are much better thanks to him. Highly recommend.
Hilary Vinall
Hilary V.
16:35 16 Apr 18
Prompt courteous and compassionate service. Highly recommended.
Rob England
Rob E.
13:17 14 Apr 18
I was having trouble with hard earwax stuck to my eardrum causing hearing problems and tinnitus, Chris got it shifted using the suction technique (much better than irrigation) - I now have 20/20 hearing again, highly recommended!
11:38 14 Apr 18
Great set up - clinician very knowledgeable and helpful 5*
Dan Roberts
Dan R.
17:51 13 Apr 18
Had to have my ears cleared out urgently before leaving the country and was panicking because NHS were making me wait over a week! I was able to book a same day appointment with Chris. He was friendly, honest and professional which put me completely at ease. Didn't break the bank either. Chris did such a good job so would 100% recommend to anyone.
17:07 04 Apr 18
Had a wonderful experience on my visit to Chris at 2020 Hearing Centre. He examined both my ears and as there was no wax to remove did not charge even a single penny for his time. Very professional.
Rachel Elias
Rachel E.
15:57 04 Apr 18
Great service, managed to get an appointment on the same day and what a difference it made!
Caroline Nicholson
Caroline N.
15:11 03 Apr 18
Brilliant service from Chris at 2020 Hearing Leeds. A true professional who really cares about his clients, I'd recommend to anyone who has ear issues!
Chris Watkinson
Chris W.
09:03 30 Mar 18
Great service provided by Chris. He was able to book me a next day appointment as my GP could not see me for 2 weeks.I had a severe wax build up so took multiple appointments to fix my issue. Chris was reassuring throughout my journey and gave me great advice for aftercare and maintenance to prevent wax build up in the future.I would highly recommend Chris to anyone who is struggling with any hearing troubles.
David Archdale
David A.
17:23 15 Mar 18
Micro suction ear wax removal. Quick, no bother at all really and reasonably priced.
Martin Lowe
Martin L.
12:28 26 Feb 18
excellent service professional service would recommend
Matty Holdsworth
Matty H.
23:38 24 Feb 18
Matthew Field
Matthew F.
19:01 08 Feb 18
I strongly reccomend visiting this place if you're having ear wax trouble. The whole process for both ears took less than 20 mins and was pain free. I was quickly booked in. I cannot believe the difference after the treatment. After leaving and getting into the car, the stereo scared me when I switched the engine on and I had to reduce the volume by 50%.This treatment has proved to be far better than the standard water jet ear syringing I have had in the past which was uncomfortable, relatively painful and less effective.
mark wilson
mark W.
21:00 15 Jan 18
I can not put into words how impressed I was with the results from my visit to 2020 Hearing. The process is pain free and only takes a few minuets on each ear. The centre is easy to find plenty of free parking and Chris is a true gent. Give it a visit I promise you wont regret it.
Andrew Lapish
Andrew L.
10:39 14 Dec 17
Excellent service at such short notice. Highly recommended
Sam B
Sam B
16:45 06 Dec 17
Managed to book me in the same day, was expecting my ears to be block due to wax but this turned out not to be the case. Genuinely nice and professional man. Didn’t even charge me since there was nothing to be done. Would recommend to anyone 🙂
Paula valentine
Paula V.
17:59 05 Dec 17
Had awful ear wax issues for ages and lost hearing in my right ear a few days ago. GP had 8 week waiting list. 2020 gave me an appointment within 6 hours of ringing. Left ear is now totally unblocked. Right ear was too compacted for one session, so on instruction from Chris I'm on bicarb ear drops till Saturday then off back for appointment number 2, can't wait to able to hear probably again. Fantastic service. Well worth paying for. Never realised how much I took my hearing for granted till it went in one ear. Went back on Saturday for appointment number 2 and the relief at being able to hear again clearly was a wonderful feeling. Thank you. I'll be back for regular check ups from now on.
S Gilmartin
S G.
15:25 01 Dec 17
Tom Walsh
Tom W.
09:45 01 Dec 17
My experience at 2020 Hearing was excellent. Chris was able to schedule an appointment within a day's notice and the whole procedure was quick and effective as well as offering free consultations in the future. If anything, I can now hear too well. Highly recommend.
Paul Miree
Paul M.
09:38 28 Nov 17
Was able to get a quick appointment, very friendly and efficient service. The treatment was very quick and easy and I could hear again after having blocked ears. Very happy and will go back again.
Nicholas Brooke
Nicholas B.
17:37 24 Nov 17
Chris was great, very understanding and empathetic, as well as doing a great job. Would definitely use again in future.
Matt Cullen
Matt C.
20:24 21 Nov 17
Could not recommend Chris and 2020 hearing enough. From the first phone call he was very professional and considerate. After having problems with my ears on and off for as long as I can remember, they are now better than they have ever been, thanks to 2 appointments with Chris within a week of first calling. Thank you sir, I hope you go on helping many other people!
Nahila Dawood
Nahila D.
15:43 21 Nov 17
Had blocked ears and booked with Chris to get ears cleaned. He was very helpful and explained how each step would work and made me feel really calm and comfortable. Would diffinaltey recommend this service if your suffering from ear blockage. Excellent service.
18:31 20 Nov 17
Great, like having a brand new pair of ears.
maya maya
maya M.
21:18 16 Nov 17
cathy f
cathy f
18:03 13 Nov 17
I had had a blocked hear for about 2 weeks and had been putting drops in for a week but the deafness was getting worse.When I rang my GP to get an appointment for ear syringing they said I couldn't get it done till I had used the drops for 2 weeks ! I felt dismayed as couldn't put up with it for another week so went on line to see if there was another solution .Luckily I found the website for 2020hearing and in a short time Chris rang me and offered me an appointment that day .The procedure was painless and not uncomfortable I just felt a tickling in my ear .he removed a huge plug of wax that ran the length of my ear canal .What a relief and worth every penny of the £50 .I recommend this and I would not bother with the GP again if the problem recurs .
Eddie Taylor
Eddie T.
17:29 13 Nov 17
brilliant service and outcome. Very pleased with the professional service I revceived and will definitely keep using this service. Thanks Chris
Jim Greenlee
Jim G.
13:04 13 Nov 17
My wife and I attended 20/20 Hearing last week and met with Chris who made Her feel relaxed. He set up her new Hearing aids and all went well.On our departure Tricia was so surprised to hear the pitter pater of the rain drops and the crisp crunching of the leaves on her feet. Thanks Chris for your help to think Tricia has put up with 28 waisted years with NHS Devices.
Ben Goulden
Ben G.
07:58 11 Nov 17
Went almost deaf in one ear due to wax - either wait 2 weeks for the docs, or pay £50 for 2020 to do it the very next morning. Outstanding.
Pauline Marsh
Pauline M.
19:19 03 Nov 17
John Fox
John F.
10:13 28 Oct 17
Amazing make you feel relaxed and explains the whole procedure, give you tips on how to look after your ears, amazing service don’t hesitate to book.
Jamie Innes
Jamie I.
00:33 28 Oct 17
This was my second experience at 2020 Hearing. Chris was welcoming, friendly and professional throughout; just as he was when I went a couple of years ago. The procedure is quick but incredibly effective. Cannot recommend enough. Keep it up Chris!
19:41 26 Oct 17
Chris did a great job with my ears and took a lot of care to ensure that I felt at ease throughout the procedure.
Anne Kovacevic
Anne K.
18:29 11 Oct 17
Chris saw me within two hours of my call and completely put me at rest about my hearing loss which microsuction resolved. Fantastic service, I'll never approach my doctor again for issues with wax.
Roger Morton
Roger M.
16:03 10 Oct 17
On behalf of my wife: Wonderful service. Couldn't get in to GP for a month. Chris was professional, gentle and kind. Microsuction much better than having water squirted into the ear under pressure, as in syringing. Highly recommended.
Holly Phillips
Holly P.
12:51 09 Oct 17
My experience with Chris and 2020 Hearing was excellent for beginning to end. I was able to see Chris very quickly and he made me feel at ease throughout my appointment by carefully explaining to me what was being done and why. The results of the micro-suctioning were instantaneous and I felt so much better! Chris sincerely cares about his patients and has no interest in trying to charge for unnecessary treatment, which can be a worry when you first visit a new practice. I researched my options carefully and I believe that Chris cannot be beaten on price, and I know he can't be beaten on customer care! Thanks Chris!
Revannth Murugesan
Revannth M.
10:53 07 Oct 17
Had a blockage in my ears for about a month and Chris gave me back my normal sense of hearing in 10mins! Would highly recommend to anyone with hearing or earwax issues! Too bad there is no 6th star! 😊
Julie Whiteley
Julie W.
10:29 15 Sep 17
Went in with impacted ears and left absolutely thrilled with the service as he managed to fit me in the same day and cured my acute ear problem instantly!! A very knowlegable experienced lovely man, who I would strongly recommend to all! A fantastic service!!
Sam Westerman
Sam W.
09:01 12 Sep 17
Got an appointment same day with Chris. Excellent service and some great advice. Sorted my ear issues straight away. Would highly recommend.
negussie taye
negussie T.
07:45 03 Sep 17
Gat clear advice
Chris Morton
Chris M.
16:25 29 Aug 17
I went to Chris for micro-suction today. The same day appointment was much appreciated. I was put at ease by the explanation of the procedure. I understand these things sometimes require multiple sessions, but thankfully it was all cleared in a few minutes. I haven't heard this clearly in years! As a musician & music teacher, I need to look after my ears and will definitely be coming back for a check up. Chris also gave some good advice on hearing protection for musicians and has a range of options here. Thanks so much!
Brian Pankiw
Brian P.
17:14 28 Aug 17
Saw Chris just over a week back. He was professional and informative. The procedure to remove wax was quick. He explained what he expected to remove and was correct.
09:12 24 Aug 17
After my girlfriends several bad experiences with having various bodged ear treatments on the NHS we decided to look for professional services. We've now been 3 times to 2020 and each visit has been excellent. Chris is friendly and welcoming; his personality instills a lot of confidence. Treatment is swift and painless and advice is useful and backed up by many other satisfied customers/patients. 100% satisfied, and the price is very reasonable - your hearing is well worth looking after properly!
15:26 23 Aug 17
Frank Stott
Frank S.
14:06 21 Aug 17
Great service
Bridget Dickinson
Bridget D.
17:34 15 Aug 17
Chris was able to see me at short notice which was an immediate relief.He is very personable and provided me with highly effective treatment,clearly explaining all steps in the procedure and giving me good advice on aftercare. After only fifteen minutes,I was feeling so much better! An excellent, professional service which I would definitely recommend!
Agnieszka Woś
Agnieszka W.
18:18 12 Aug 17
Excellent, Proffessional, HonestAnd also opened on Saturday!
Lucy Bennett
Lucy B.
12:17 12 Aug 17
Richard Tindle
Richard T.
07:02 05 Aug 17
Chris was available, responsive and explained very clearly. Very professional service with immediate results.
Joe Barden
Joe B.
14:50 27 Jul 17
If you're reading this, it's likely you have some sort of problem with your ears. I highly, highly recommend you pay Chris a visit at the absolute minimum, as he offers free examinations and will advise you on how to rectify your problems. Very professional service and exactly as described on his site.
Joanne MacDonald
Joanne M.
15:42 25 Jul 17
Chris was recommended to me by a friend. He was really professional and put me at ease. I've always had my ears syringed but heard about the microsuction for removal of ear wax. I highly recommend this treatment both my ears were free from wax within 20 minutes.
Daniel O'Brien
Daniel O.
11:40 23 Jul 17
Massive thank you to Chris, for fixing my hearing.He was very welcoming and professional, explained the procedure in full and gave great advice on future aftercare. would 100% recommend.
Chris W
Chris W
16:09 19 Jul 17
Absolutely awesome. Knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, in and out in 20 mins and my ear is clear again ! Highly recommended !
Amer Iqbal
Amer I.
16:56 17 Jul 17
Excellent customer service. Chris really helped me out with his professionalism and experience in his field. The procedure took two visits due to the severity of the wax build up in my right ear. However, I am glad I came across 2020 hearing ltd as now I can finally hear! I recommend this place to anyone who is suffering from hearing issues. Chris will surely help you out! P.s. Chris also advised me on how to keep my ears clean so I don't have the problem in the future which was very helpful. Thank you and see you soon. Amer.
N Rowley
N R.
16:57 10 Jul 17
Thanos Avlonitis
Thanos A.
10:23 05 Jul 17
Chris treatment and advice fixed my ears in no time. He booked me a same date appointment, the day before I was leaving for holidays and needed micro suction. He is the best and most professional ear doctor I have ever been treated by. Thanks Chris!
Angela Belova
Angela B.
20:08 04 Jul 17
My mother in law suffered from ear wax just before our holiday and NHS did not offer us anything at all. She was suffering for over a week with headache and swallowing difficulties. Chris booked us for very next day and sorted it for 30 mins. The following day we were inTurkey enjoying our time! Amazing service! Highly recommend! Many thanks, Chris!
terence beddis
terence B.
21:05 17 Jun 17
Chris cleared my ear problem within the 15 minuites I was with him, my alternative was a 7 day wait. I will not get involved in a queue again.
Melkam Cafe & Restaurant
Melkam Cafe & R.
18:38 14 Jun 17
Honest advice
Mary Walsh
Mary W.
21:17 13 Jun 17
I was very deaf due to wax build up and inappropriate use of cotton buds and desperate for my hearing back but my NHS appointment kept being postponed. One phone call to Chris and I was booked in and my hearing sorted within half a day. It was well worth the 2 Hour round trip. Thanks once again for a great service.
Lesley Larkins
Lesley L.
20:46 13 Jun 17
Excellent service. I had a difficult problem with hard impacted wax but Chris was able to sort it out for me. Can't recommend highly enough.
23:08 07 Jun 17
I can't praise this man enough! He helped me in such a professional and personable manner today. A gentleman who knows his business completely. Chris explains what he is going to do to help you in an eloquent and completely reassuring way. I was deaf in my right ear due to impacted wax and I was worried. He put my mind at ease and remedied the situation within 5 minutes. I have been to ENT departments who simply lack the passion and duty of care that Chris clearly has. Thank you Chris. I will be back! Kind Regards, Alex
Carlos Kershaw
Carlos K.
19:37 07 Jun 17
Chris is a professional and a member of the Health and Care Professions Council. His professionalism and high quality of customer service is second to none. He explained the procedure and side effects as well as advising on after care. As an ex medic myself I highly recommend Chris to anyone who has issues with their ears. He is very friendly and reassuring.Being a surfer I have experienced years of problematic issues with my ears but the actual cause being down to the GP syrynging my ears and not clearing my ear canal properly, resulting in years of build up. I highly recommend his procedure and after researching the procedure he is very and I mean very cost effective considering other practitioners are charging an arm and a leg just for the consultation alone. I can honestly say I came out hearing again like when I was a teenager and smiling with happiness. Thank you again!
Thomas Parrish
Thomas P.
18:35 07 Jun 17
Very friendly and helpful service! 100% recommend
Mel Ellyard
Mel E.
16:48 20 May 17
Amazing service. Fit me in very quickly when my GP could not see me for 10 days. Put my mind at ease by explaining the procedure very carefully and sorted my ear problem out immediately. I was amazed what a difference it made instantly to my hearing... would highly recommend! Offered future check up to ensure the problem did not happen again... excellent customer service!
Jenny Pullan
Jenny P.
18:26 17 May 17
My father had been completely deaf due to wax in both of his ears for over a week and would have had to wait another week for an NHS appointment to have them syringed. We rang Chris and managed to get an appointment later the same day. He was very professional and not only cleared the problem within a few minutes, but also gave some very good advice on how to stop the problem from re- occurring. Would definitely recommend him to others with the same problem. Thank you.
Darren Scriven
Darren S.
13:46 14 May 17
Great Guy and very professional care, I feel a lot better after he checked my ears.
Adrian Goran
Adrian G.
20:35 12 May 17
Anthony Devlin
Anthony D.
16:43 10 May 17
Chris performed microsuction on my wife's ear as she was having hearing problems, tinitus and Dizziness. This was successful and at the moment all is back to normal. Thanks Chris and well done. Very professional and friendly service.
Tamara Leonard
Tamara L.
19:39 02 May 17
After having blocked ears for a week and being told there was a three week wait to see my doctor I looked elsewhere to solve my problem! I found Chris and booked an appointment the same day I called. He examined my ears and explained the procedure and how the ear functions. He advised me on some different ear drops that I needed and told me to come back in a week after using the drops! I have used the drops for a week and visited Chris again and he used Micro-suction to relieve my ears of wax and advised me on how to prevent a build up again. After two weeks of blocked ears I am very grateful that I can hear everything now! Chris provides a great service, he knows what he is talking about, explains what will happen thoroughly and ensures you are alright along the way. He always manages to give you an appointment quickly and provides a quick service ( ears unblocked in 15 mins!) Would definitely recommend to anyone! Thanks Chris 🙂
Chris Maniak
Chris M.
16:48 27 Apr 17
Chris was great and sorted my ears out. I can hear perfectly now and he took me through every step of the process
Kim Ho
Kim H.
06:32 26 Apr 17
Ear wax problem solved! Was advised on how to go about ear wax build up and within less than a week I had my ears unblocked. Great professional service and time management - I was out of there within 15 minutes! Definitely recommend.
Raji Osahn
Raji O.
12:30 16 Apr 17
I can hear! I had an issue with my ears for a while and now i am back to normal again, the service was very profession, honestly if anyone needs their ears cleaning, to go 2020 Hearing.
Richard Nichols
Richard N.
21:58 12 Apr 17
Very friendly, professional service with no waiting list. Many thanks for all the advice you gave, I would definitely recommend.
Lorna Wood
Lorna W.
16:26 10 Apr 17
Chris was fantastic. He managed to fit me in as an emergency as I was going on holiday. He was patient, understanding and explained everything clearly. He managed to sort out my ear problem, pain free, with in about 10 minutes. I could not recommend him highly enough!
Lisa Kitto
Lisa K.
21:37 08 Apr 17
Really recommend 2020 Hearing. My ears had been blocked up for a few years and it really affected my hearing. I kept putting off having them sorted out. I had Ear Microsuction done which I recommend - completely pain free! Why did I wait so long? Chris talked me through the process step by step and really reassured me.
Martin Wong
Martin W.
10:24 08 Apr 17
Very friendly, professional, on-time and 100% effective in resolving my issue!
Ateeq Ahmed
Ateeq A.
11:55 18 Mar 17
Great service. Very informative. Would highly recommended. 10/10.
mark williams
mark W.
17:01 17 Mar 17
Absolutely fantastic service, went to see Chris on Monday about my blocked ears he took a look and said it was to bad to do anything now and wouldn't charge me till I was ready. I needed to put drops in for a few days and go back on Friday, I went back and Chris managed to get everything back to normal for me, a weight had been lifted and I could hear again. Well worth the £70. Chris is very friendly and knowledgeable and gives great advice, I would recommend to anyone.
Phil Asquith
Phil A.
17:03 09 Mar 17
Really good. I waiting, appointments to work around me, efficient and friendly. And the treatment worked! Highly recommended.
Paul Forster
Paul F.
23:40 08 Mar 17
Excellent job! Completely sorted my ears out and gave helpful advice on caring for my ears. Very knowledgable and friendly with quick bookings and turnaround. Would definitely recommend.
Christos Aravanis
Christos A.
23:51 07 Mar 17
You are in good hands here, a true professional.
13:09 01 Mar 17
Awesome experience from start to finish couldnt be happier and i have 2 happy ears 🙂
Jag Herar - vn homes
Jag Herar - vn H.
10:52 11 Feb 17
I recently had to make an appointment for my son. Very accommodating for a last minute Sunday appointment and we appreciated the extensive advise to stop the problem reoccurring. The cost was extremely competitive considering the alternate costs and wait times.
Paul Banks
Paul B.
18:34 08 Feb 17
Chris is a very professional audiologist, the care and help he continues to give is second to none. I am very pleased that I chose to be advised by him. I would recommend him to all those who cannot make up their minds .
Julie Herbert
Julie H.
16:44 07 Feb 17
I have suffered with my ears for several years and was pretty desperate when I called Chris.He is a kind and caring professional and he discussed my treatment at every stage.He has a lovely manner and more to the point he cleared up my problems in two visits. I will definitely be going back when needed and would highly recommend him.
Ron Needham
Ron N.
17:51 06 Feb 17
A really good service. Quick appointment, friendly relaxing atmosphere, sorted out my ear wax problems and gave me lots of good advice about future ear care. Can't recommend the service highly enough.
Bill Terry
Bill T.
20:46 04 Feb 17
My wife Susan visited Chris following a disastrous attempt by her doctor to syringe her ears leaving her in great pain. Chris said that an inner ear infection was causing the problem, recommended the application of a decongestant and a week later also painlessly removed wax through the use of a suction technique. The courtesy and professionalism offered was second to none and provided sorely needed relief.
Michael Dent
Michael D.
17:00 03 Feb 17
Managed to get an appointment on the same day as the call. Very professional approach by Chris. He explains things very clearly and gives advice on how to prevent future wax build up. He managed to clear plenty of wax from my ears with just a few minutes treatment. Very happy with the results and would recommend him.
01:29 20 Jan 17
After a failed , very painful attempt by the Nurse at my GP surgery to syringe my ears ! I vowed never to go back . She used cold water , she blamed the machine , but resulted in a bad vertigo attack and excruciating pain in my ears and I left the surgery deaf .Chris was recommended to me by my son in law , who had also suffered pain during a failed syringing at the hands of the same GP's Nurse.We rang Chris late that evening and we got an appointment the next day .Chris is a very friendly , professional man ,who is clearly passionate and cares about what he does.He explained the procedure after examining my ears , he told me that the wax was old black wax and that the failed syringing by the NHS had moved the wax and it was stuck on my eardrums , hence the pain I felt . He thought it may take 2 attempts to remove it , but he would do the best he could. The micro suction was painless , it tickled and only had a couple of twinges when the wax came off the eardrums. He removed all the wax in both ears in one visit . I am elated , I can hear perfectly now , after being deaf for sometime. Chris explained after care and I shall go back for a check up in 6 months , which is free.I highly recommend you see Chris Scire if you have ear problems , I cannot praise him enough . Thank you so much .
James Hill
James H.
17:11 16 Jan 17
Chris is a smiley gentle giant of a man, kind and reassuring and up-beat. He explained each step of the earwax suction procedure, and triumphantly held up great dollops of gunge that he'd extracted. He told me that he offers free (if nothing found) 6-monthly checkups, and explained how to treat my ears betweeen visits. Altogether a positive experience!
11:15 13 Jan 17
Fantastic. I can hear! Thanks a million Chris Would definitely recommend
14:25 11 Jan 17
A great experience. Could not hear for days and when I called he was able to book an appointment on the same day. Came away hearing again and he even gave me advise on how I would care for my ears in the future. Thank you!
Steph Wilkin
Steph W.
16:02 19 Dec 16
Chris managed to see me the same day to help me before my holiday. Really nice and professional service. Would recommend
Christopher Pennington
Christopher P.
16:30 15 Dec 16
Excellent service would highly recommend. Ear wax issues sorted very professionally in one visit.thanks Chris.
Sam Brough
Sam B.
17:14 13 Dec 16
Chris was extremely professional and very friendly. He explained every action as he did it and put me at ease. He was able to remove a large amount of wax from my ears and advised me clearly on steps I should take to soften some remaining wax that he wasn't able to remove. He also advised on general ear care in a professional, caring but dutiful way. I will definitely be taking better care of my ears thanks to Chris.
Ben Denison
Ben D.
16:22 12 Dec 16
I was able to get an appointment with 2020 the same day to remove compacted wax from both ears, which were seriously impairing my hearing. Chris put me at ease and explained the procedure clearly and in detail, and the results were fantastic. He also gave me advice on how to care for my ears in the future.
Ann Bennett
Ann B.
18:25 26 Nov 16
Excellent service, would highly recommend Chris and 2020 Hearing Ltd. . My ears were very blocked and I couldn't hear at all. Chris was able to book me a consultaton within 24 hours and at the appointment unblocked my ears through microsuction. He has advised me of a maintenance plan to avoid future build up of wax. Very helpful and first class service. I can now hear again, thank you Chris.
Ron Holmes
Ron H.
22:41 23 Nov 16
My wife had wax removed. Chris removed the offending wax and restored her hearing in a friendly and professional service following a same day appointment. Thank you from the two of us.
Simon Sargeant
Simon S.
17:01 15 Nov 16
After some poor GP advice that my issue would take "weeks" to resolve, with no alternative, I quickly found Chris, and 2 appointments within a few days has easily and quickly done what the GP said could not be done. Delighted with the help and advice received, thanks very much Chris.
ann mccann
ann M.
21:00 14 Nov 16
Chris was able to offer me a same day appointment. Although my ear had only been blocked for a couple of days it was driving me mad. Chris didn't think the microsuction procedure was suitable for my problem so went ahead with the traditional "syringing". It was all done in a few minutes and the relief was fantastic! I would highly recommend 2020 Hearing.
Jerry De Souza
Jerry De S.
09:03 05 Nov 16
As a visitor from Canada, I was so pleased I went to see Chris at 2020 Hearing, because I was having trouble hearing and it was affecting my holiday. Chris was very professional, explaining fully the micro suction procedure. He tried clearing the wax in my ears but it was so compacted that he advised me to use drops for 4 days and return. He did not charge me for that first visit. Anyway, on the next visit, Chris managed to remove all the wax and I am able to hear clearly now. Chris also advised me on future aural maintenance to avoid wax buildup......and to never use q-tips as this only serves to progressively compact the wax! Cheers, Chris!
Nigel Richards
Nigel R.
18:54 02 Nov 16
Chris was professional and informative about the procedure and process and was very knowledgeable and friendly. Like others i found him on a search engine out of exasperation of my local NHS practice and the delayed time. Fortunately i made a phonecall to Chris and was able to see him the same day. After the procedure i described him as a 'miraculous mender'....would highly recommend 2020 and Chris. See you in 6 months
Teresa Jardine
Teresa J.
22:29 31 Oct 16
I got an appointment for same day I phoned.Friendly & professional service. Explained procedure before doing.Painless, quick, and effective.In a few minutes provided relief for a painfull blocked ear.Pain and discomfort gone.Hearing restored.Fabulous.Wish I'd known about microsuction years ago.
17:05 27 Oct 16
Had a blocked ear that was bugging me so much. Called up Chris and he managed to squeeze me in the same day! Very friendly & professional & performed a brilliant job. If it's stressing you out, don't bother waiting a week to see your GP just call 2020.
Kirsty Roger
Kirsty R.
16:41 24 Oct 16
Chris was very nice and professional, and extremely accommodating with dates and times for my appointment. I will certainly be a repeat customer, and would strongly recommend 2020 Hearing to others!
James Marlow
James M.
18:45 04 Oct 16
Brilliant service. Had one ear fully blocked for 5 days and couldn't get in with the GP. Called Chris as a last resort and he got me in immediately, I'd been using Olive Oil for 5 days and he got all of the wax out and it felt amazing. Chris looked at the other ear which I believed to be fine and advised it was 3/4 full so I asked if he could do that even though I'd not used Olive Oil. Chris couldn't get it out at the first attempt so put some of his drops in and then pulled out a big black hard ball of wax! So glad I went today rather than waiting for my GP.
Habbo Foxx
Habbo F.
13:20 04 Oct 16
Life saver - excellent service - highly recommended!
Timothy Key
Timothy K.
08:41 28 Sep 16
Excellent professional service. Chris explains everything and takes great care to sort out any hearing problems. Thoroughly recommended.
sabina qadri
sabina Q.
14:03 07 Sep 16
I had a wonderful experience with Chris.Was in so much discomfort prior to mucrosuction and was having difficulty with most tasks. Am so grateful to Chris for being courteous and helpful in my case.Thank you so much!
Jamie Martin
Jamie M.
15:55 06 Sep 16
Saw Chris today for ear wax removing. Very professional and reassuring! Completely solved my problem. Would highly recommend! Thanks Chris
Lee Osborne
Lee O.
06:17 02 Sep 16
Chris unblocked both of my ears, much to my relief. He explained very clearly what the problem was, what would help and how I could best prepare my ears so as to make the wax removal as comfortable as possible. I shall certainly be returning for a future checkup. Happily I'm now saying pardon to people less often!
Jean Alvey
Jean A.
18:06 01 Sep 16
Excellent got same day appointment Chris was great he explained everything first what a relief no feeling off balance and annoying noises wish I had gone sooner and a little telling off for sticking ear buds down my ear whòops thank you Chris will be back for my free check up in six months
Tim Kaplowitch
Tim K.
15:20 23 Aug 16
Both my ears were blocked after swimming and my hearing was severely reduced. I went to the GP and was told to wait a week before I could get an appointment. I rang Chris at 1pm...he was able to see me at 3.30. Problem solved within 20 minutes. Really friendly guy and talked me through every step of what he was doing. Brilliant service. Thank you!!
Kasichana Okene-Jameson
Kasichana O.
13:11 20 Aug 16
Joel Andrew
Joel A.
20:40 18 Aug 16
Got an appointment at short notice. Very friendly and helpful. Procedure was quick and as painless as can be expected when your ears are full of goop. Would recommend.
Mick Carter
Mick C.
20:06 18 Aug 16
Visited today with my wife who had completely lost her hearing on her left side. Able to fit us in for an appointment next day. Quick and painless procedure which has left my wife feeling 100% better. I would definitely recommend this business and I am sure we will be using these services again. Thank you.
simon carr
simon C.
19:31 15 Aug 16
Fantastic service, Chris removed compacted ear wax that had severely reduced my hearing,using micro suction.My hearing is now back to normal, I am very pleased to say,and I would highly recommended the procedure to anyone with similar problems.
stephen calvert
stephen C.
13:15 08 Aug 16
Great service, ear was well and truly blocked but now it's like HD hearing.Many Thanks Chris!
Neil Halford
Neil H.
16:57 02 Aug 16
Having suffered for 3 weeks with deafness and no help from NHS, I was really pleased to find 2020 Hearing. They were able to fit me in a few hours after telephoning.The whole experience was very professionally conducted, with everything explained in detail. The whole process taking around 20 minutes, and the relief afterwards, being able to hear again was amazing.I would and have recommended 2020 to friends and anyone suffering the same as me. Neil Halford
Susan Leverett
Susan L.
17:58 27 Jul 16
I visited our local doctors surgery with my 8 year old daughter this morning and the nurse confirmed our suspicion she had one ear blocked with wax...but the next available appointment to remove it would be four weeks!We travel on holiday to Spain tomorrow so I called 2020 Hearing on the off-chance they could see us immediately (I was slightly worried about air pressure in aircraft and whether lots of swimming would make it worse). Thankfully they could see us and we arrived for our appointment at 5pm. The gentleman explained the procedure to my daughter and within 5 minutes had removed a raisin sized ball of hard wax. Basically a small vacuum pipe was inserted into her ear which attached to the ball of wax and it was gently pulled out.Walking back to the car she commented that the sucking noise was loud in her ear but was not uncomfortable and most importantly she could tell her hearing had improved. So I thoroughly recommend 2020 Hearing for this procedure.
Shirley Kirkley
Shirley K.
11:04 24 Jul 16
For about a year my hearing has deteriorated in both ears quite badly, I had 30% hearing & I really struggled & this got me down. My doctors took months & where useless. Iv avoided social events, going out & people in general, as my lip reading skills aren't great & constantly having to say "pardon" & move my head closer took its toll, any places with background noise where impossible. This is till yesterday!!!!!! Now I can hear a pin drop in both ears!!!!! 👂👂I'm so happy I could burst, all this is down to a lovely man at 2020 hearing on Chapel Town road.
mohammed kez
mohammed K.
15:04 21 Jul 16
10 minutes, no pain and i can hear clearly now 😊
17:21 20 Jul 16
OMG I can't believe the difference! A great, welcoming and speedy service.
andrew spink
andrew S.
06:48 20 Jul 16
Thank you Chris for sorting out my ears, the suction method was less painful than irrigation and quite quick too. There is also a satisfying feeling as you soon learn when the vacuum is tugging and removing the wax. See you in 12 months.
Luke Ledbrook
Luke L.
15:13 16 Jul 16
An excellent experience, NHS wanted me to wait 3 weeks, Chris got through 2 visits in 4 days, well worth it.
00:11 14 Jul 16
Had a blocked ear and continual buzzing, went to NHS doctor and was given an appointment in 6 weeks.Couldn't wait that long , so booked with 2020 and had immediate result the same day. Would recommend 2020 hearing to anyone, great service.
Mark Griffiths
Mark G.
16:50 11 Jul 16
If you have wax in your ears don't wait a moment longer, get it removed and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.The painless procedure was easily explained by Chris and was over in moments.I was amazed at how much wax was removed.I can hear in stereo once again.Many Thanks
Jamie Kay
Jamie K.
16:59 10 Jul 16
Jon Hill
Jon H.
15:53 05 Jul 16
Excellent service from Chris. Ears blocked by water and gunge from swimming are now clear after micro-suction - and I've invested in a pair of personally moulded swim plugs which he took the impressions for.
Oliver Whale
Oliver W.
15:33 24 Jun 16
Struggled with my ears all my life and never wanted anything touching or in my ear... Hated GPs syringing my ears but Chris did an excellent job and highly recommend Was more than happy to accommodate a wimpy customer and got a great result
Michael Moore
Michael M.
14:45 22 Jun 16
Fabulous service and it worked - I can now hear!Thank you Chris
Rebecca Brady
Rebecca B.
22:01 21 Jun 16
I visited Chris last year for the micro suction ear wax removal treatment. I revisited him today, when he kindly squeezed me in for a same day appointment and yet again he has given me my hearing back! I appreciate it so so much! I feel like I have new ears! Chris is informal yet professional, very friendly and gives you lots of information about the treatment and what you should do to look after your ears. I can recommend him 110% ! 🙂
David Elliott
David E.
20:04 14 Jun 16
Excellent professional and friendly service. I had substantial ear wax in one ear and a fair bit in the other and was delighted with the service which was straightforward and very effective. Highly recommended.
Jennie Appleyard
Jennie A.
12:10 09 Jun 16
Chris was very kind and reassuring. He was careful and persistent- managing to get my ear a lot clearer than it has been for ages. Thanks so much Chris.
robert OATES
robert O.
14:37 03 Jun 16
Just had a fantastic consultation with Chris, solved the problem straight away, if you are thinking about sorting your ears out speak to the experts. Don't waste your time with GP/nurses, go with the specialists.Thank you 2020 hearing- different class. Life back to normal!cheers Rob Oates
Richard Rymill
Richard R.
09:17 01 Jun 16
After an intensive swimming training programme, the chlorine had bunged up the wax in my ears so I could hardly hear anything clearly. Chris saw me straight away same day, removed the offending wax bungs and advised me on future maintenance and prevention. Really nice to have my hearing restored and no thanks to our GP Nurse who was unable to help. Really pleased my Google search found Chris. Brilliant.
Sara Bibi
Sara B.
13:51 25 May 16
Chris was excellent and explained everything to me as well as advised on future care. I would recommend to anyone who has issues with blocked ears or anything to do with your ears to go see him. He is very approachable, friendly, and calms you down and is very reassuring. If I ever experience any issues with my ears again, I will not hesitate to go see him again. Highly recommended. I came out smiling. Thank you again!
Phil Turner
Phil T.
16:58 18 May 16
A very good, professional service. I went for microsuction and now my ears are clear. this is much better than waiting for several months to have it done through the NHS (and far better than syringing).
Jurgen Denecke
Jurgen D.
11:16 12 May 16
In just 15 minutes, Chris was more productive that many visits to my GP surgery. Frustrated with my GP surgery, I wanted to find an ENT practice but was told they all needed referral letters from my GP. Since it is hardly ever possible to get through on a phone and whenever I do the best they can offer me is an appointment with a nurse, I looked further on the internet and found 2020hearing Ltd. Assuming that my blocked ear symptoms were from ear wax, I tried to get an appointment and was seen the same day. Chris was extremely professional, he had time to listen to the description of my symptoms and how they started, then he inspected my ears and concluded that he could remove a little wax in both of my ears but that the hearing problem is probably caused by fluids/mucus in the middle ear, preventing the ear drum from vibrating. He cleaned both ear tubes, which was remarkably pleasant compared to the prediluvial syringing they still do at NHS GP practices. More importantly, Chris was right, the hearing only marginally improved. Having successfully eliminated the ear-wax possibility, I could now move on to try an over the counter decongestant. 3 days later, my hearing dramatically improved from just storms and ringing to actually understand people talking. I'm not fully there yet, and I guess it will take a little while longer before all the fluids are drained from my middle ears, but I'm extremely grateful I met Chris and when I have any hearing problems again, I will first check with 2020 hearing.
Steve Harris
Steve H.
18:19 11 May 16
Chris was very professional and put me completely at ease by explaining the various options to me in great detail.The end result was me getting back my hearing and it really was a pain free and easy process ,I highly recommend Chris to anyone having issues with build ups in their ears.
Andrew Emmett
Andrew E.
16:08 09 May 16
I was suffering with very blocked ears and my GP let me down. I called Chris and he accomodated me the same day. Ive never had wax removed by this method before, but will never return to my GP for regular syringing again ! Quick, painless, and thorough. Chris was so kind, took time to explain everything, and put me at ease. My hearing has never been so good. Furthermore, Chris explained how I can prevent it in future through regular care myself at home. Thankyou Chris, I'll defiantly be back for regular checks...
Ian Simpson
Ian S.
10:58 26 Mar 16
Very good, got in within a couple of days and sorted quickly. Thanks
Marina M
Marina M
13:18 18 Mar 16
All it took is 15 minutes and its like I have brand new set of ears! Very pleased with the result!
Lynzi Stanford
Lynzi S.
14:49 13 Mar 16
This place was so easy to find. Chris was very communicative and helpful even before I attended my appointment. Once at the appointment he told me exactly what the procedure would involve. As well as solving my hearing difficulties he also does hearing tests for free. I'll be back again for that and any other difficulties I may have.Highly recommend.
David Schofield
David S.
17:25 04 Mar 16
Quite simply A life saver Thankyou
Mathew Heraghty
Mathew H.
13:41 09 Jan 16
I have visited the 2020 Hearing clinic in Leeds a number of times over the past year for help with persistent hearing problems caused by a build-up of wax in the left ear. The microsuction procedure used by 2020 Hearing is far more comfortable and straightforward than the ear irrigation method commonly used to remove wax. Microsuction does not take long to carry out and each time my hearing has immediately returned to normal. The resident audiologist (Chris Scire) combines a friendly, reassuring manner with clear expertise and knowledge. I would recommend the 2020 Hearing clinic to anyone suffering similar problems with their hearing.
Duncan Craig
Duncan C.
20:22 08 Jan 16
Our four year old daughter had impacted ear wax in her ears which would have taken a very long time to budge using drops alone. We visited 2020 hearing and found Chris to be very considerate and understanding towards our little girl.She felt at ease during her the microsuction procedure and was amazed to see what came out of her ears in the end.We got a a really fantastic service and would recommend 2020 Hearing to anyone thinking of having this procedure done. Especially if you are feeling hesitant about it.Thanks Chris!
Chris Bee
Chris B.
11:59 09 Sep 15
From "turn the TV down" and "what did you say" to clear hearing in two sessions. (one each ear)My local doctors surgery no longer doing ear syringing, I searched on-line and found 2020 Hearing, booking an appointment the next day as I had been using olive oil in my left ear for 5 days.A little discomfort during the procedure but with an immediate result, I could hear again.Chris Scire examined my right ear and advised olive oil to soften the wax, booking an appointment the following week for the treatment.It took a few days for my ears to settle down and normal production of good, protective wax.It is a month since my treatment with no ill effects.