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Health Professional Services to GPs & ENT Consultants

At 2020 Hearing Ltd we work alongside General Practitioners, Ear Nose and Throat Consultants plus other health care professionals, such as dentists.

As health professionals and hearing aid audiologists, we carry out removal of excessive ear wax using microsuction and water irrigation as appropriate. This is the method of choice when ear wax is being removed by ENT Consultants and Aural Care Nurses. As better health care, it is considered to be less invasive, painless and safer than ear irrigation.

Microsuction is regularly carried out at our clinic without the need of olive oil drops being used for several weeks before treatment is performed. Most patients are seen and have their ear wax removed in one appointment.

We have many GP’s in Leeds who have personally used our service and also have recommended their patients to use us as well. Please get in touch if you have a patient who needs excessive ear wax removing. Reports can be supplied if necessary for ENT Consultants.

As well as supplying and fitting hearing aids, audiometric tests include:

  • Standard Pure Tone Audiometry including AC, BC, Masking and ULL’s
  • Tympanometry
  • Speech In Noise Testing using LiSN-S PGA and QuickSIN
  • TEN Cochlear Testing

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