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2020 Free Hearing Tests in Leeds (Diagnostic Hearing Aids)

Free Diagnostic Hearing Tests

Hearing Loss? At 2020 Hearing Ltd we provide a thorough diagnostic hearing test as well audiological screening. These are FREE to encourage as many people as possible to undertake a hearing check up. In our experience, most people have no idea as to the state of their hearing health or levels. Our tests provides a clear picture and include:

A Case History

This is essential for building up a background picture to identify a possible cause of the hearing loss. Cognitive tests such as the SHAI, GAD-7 and PHQ-9 psychological tests can be performed at this stage especially where tinnitus or hyperacusis are a problem.


Otoscopy is performed to inspect the health of the ear canal and tympanic membrane (eardrum). Patients are given the option to view their own ear canals by using a video otoscope.

Pure Tone Test

Pure Tone Audiometry is carried out which gives a picture of a patient’s hearing ability. This test is performed in a soundproof booth which eliminates any ambient, background noise. During the test, both air and bone conduction procedures are carried out. This involves presenting the test ear with a pure steady tone to measure the hearing levels produced by the patient’s responses.

Uncomfortable Loudness Levels

Uncomfortable Loudness Levels (or ULL’s) give an indication of the patient’s sensitivity to loud sounds or hyperacusis.

Speech In Quiet

Pure Tone Audiometry detects how well someone hears tonal sounds but it does not reveal the functional brain perception of speech. We use speech testing to indicate how well someone is hearing speech.

Speech In Noise

This speech test takes place in the presence of ambient background noise. QuickSIN and LiSN-S PGA tests are carried out.

Acoustic Immittance Tests

Tympanometry is carried out where appropriate, involving the placing of a small probe into the ear canal to establish the tension of the eardrum. It is commonly referred to as the pressure test. It is a quick procedure that can help to identify middle ear problems such as ‘glue ear’ and ear drum abnormalities.

Acoustic Reflex Testing and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Tests

The Threshold Equalising Noise Test (or TEN Test) consists of measuring pure tone thresholds in a special masking noise. The TEN test was developed to provide clinicians with a quick and easy way to identify cochlear dead regions.

Explanation of Audiometric Results

At the end of the hearing test consultation, your audiometric results are discussed and explained. Should you need to be prescribed a new hearing aid system, our experienced senior audiologist will make suitable recommendations according to your results, budget and lifestyle needs.

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