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Hearing Aid Trials

Suffering from Hearing Loss? We are offer a two week FREE trial of a hearing aid system of choice. This includes the latest digital technology available on the market. After your free diagnostic hearing trial, we will discuss your options based on your hearing test results, the objective results of the trial as well as your budget.

During this discussion you will be able to explore the various types and styles of hearing aids which would be suitable for your lifestyle. If you decide to go ahead with ordering a prescription hearing aid system, you will be invited for a fitting appointment. This is generally within two weeks from placing your order. You then have 30 days to test drive your new hearing aids in as many different environments as possible. At the follow up appointment you decide to keep the hearing aids or hand them back. You buy, we supply. We do not use selling tactics.

The best way for you to know that hearing aids will work for you is for you to try them at home RISK FREE.

In response to modern hearing loss, digital aids have come a long way over the past few years and need to be experienced to appreciate the better hearing that they can bring.

  • Better Clarity in Background Noise
  • Wireless Mobile Phone App Control
  • Feedback Management Systems
  • Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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