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2020 Hearing Aid Batteries from Rayovac (10, 312,13)

Hearing Aid Batteries

Looking for hearing aid batteries in Leeds? We supply only the best Rayovac batteries. They come in sizes 10, 312 and 13. There are many factors that affect how long a hearing aid battery lasts. We have listed below some of the main reasons.

Factors Affecting the Life of Hearing Aid Batteries

1. An Individual’s Hearing Loss

As severity of hearing loss increases…
Increased amplification is required
Increasing current reduces battery life

2. The Battery Size – 10, 312, 13 or 675

As the physical size of the batteries decrease, the amount of ingredients needed to power the battery also decreases, making the battery life shorter for smaller batteries and longer for bigger batteries.

3. Longer Life

With an individual’s hearing aid usage there are 2 things to take into account:

1. How many days a week do they wear their hearing aid?
2. How many hours a day do they wear their hearing aid?

4. Instrument Differences

Features in today’s digital instruments, like:

The Environment

  • Low humidity – As humidity is reduced, batteries may dry out reducing the battery life. This can be an issue if you are indoors during winter months in northern climates, using wood burning stoves to heat homes, and keeping batteries in dry aid kits in an already dry environment.
  • High humidity – As humidity increases batteries may take on moisture, interfering with the natural discharge expansion. This could result in swelling/leakage and reduction of battery life. This can be an issue if you work outdoors for extended periods in high temp/high humidity areas and live in an non air conditioned environment.
  • Temperature – As temperature is reduced hearing aid battery voltage is lowered and the functional end point is reached earlier, reducing battery life.
  • Altitude – As altitude increases the percentage of oxygen in the air is reduced, lowering the hearing aid battery voltage. This can cause the battery to reach the endpoint earlier and reduces battery life.

Premium Features

  • FM (looping)
  • Generation of sound with tinnitus patients
  • Wireless / Bluetooth Features
  • Noise cancellation
  • Multi-channel processing

How to Look After Your Hearing Aid Batteries

For extending the battery life there is no one answer that is going to work for everyone. The best way for you to understand the battery life you can expect is to benchmark your own battery performance over time.

Below are some tips to get the optimum performance from your battery:

  • Prior to using the battery, remove the tab for 1 minute before inserting the battery into the device
  • Store your hearing aid batteries at room temperature
  • Avoid storing batteries in hot places since heat shortens the lifespan
  • Refrigeration is not recommended
  • Batteries should not be carried in your pocket. Metal objects such as coins may short out batteries
  • Fresh is best – A fresh battery is better than an aged battery as batteries slowly lose their energy with age

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