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Ear Wax Removal Specialist – Expert Microsuction Now Available

Ear Wax Removal Specialist – Expert Microsuction Now Available

Ear Wax Removal Specialist – Microsuction Appointments Now Available

Leeds based 2020 Hearing Ltd now offer Microsuction Ear Wax Removal appointments on a daily basis, including home visits. We cover Leeds,York,Harrogate,Wakefield,Huddersfield,Brighouse, Mirfield, Elland, Holmfirth, Slaithwaite, Halifax, Bradford and surrounding West Yorkshire areas.
Now there is no need to wait as many of the appointments can be made on the same day. Subject to availability.
Home visits are available but these are by request. They are limited so please call 07941 061023 for more information.

Why suffer any longer?

Please call 07941 061023 to book your micro-suction appointment
Needs ear wax removal

What is Microsuction Ear Wax Removal?

Step 1 – A fully qualified audiologist, will look into the ear canal through a microscope (either fixed or with glasses).
Step 2 -A very fine suction device at low temperature is used to safely remove the wax.

It is SAFE – Microsuction ear wax removal is the method preferred by medical staff and patients alike for guaranteed effective removal of wax.
It is PAINLESS – Microsuction ear wax removal is extremely comfortable and in most cases the wax can be removed in minutes.
It is performed by a SPECIALIST – We specialise in microsuction and the process is completed only by fully qualified audiologists with additional training in microsuction techniques.

It is the safest, most effective and syringe free way to remove excess ear wax.
Affordable ear wax removal at only £50 for a single ear and £70 for both ears cleared. Fast appointments are offered and most problems are sorted out within a 20 minute appointment.
The video otoscopic examination is free and we will not charge you if we can’t help you.
Microsuction Ear Wax Removal will result in the successful removal of any wax blocking the ear.

Please watch the quick video below to see how effective and easy microsuction can be.


Microsuction Ear Wax Removal is just one of many hearing health services at 2020 Hearing Ltd.
All patients have the choice to opt for a free screening hearing test.
For Gp’s,Health Centres or Private Hospitals, we welcome your referrals.
Call now and book your appointment on 07941 061023

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